Providing custom solutions to your custom problems...

Every project, every job and every application is different from the last and therefore every solution has to be too. You know this and we know this, which is why Bamford & Morris only offer custom venturi products to provide the custom solutions to solve your custom problems.

... involving a custom set of experts ...

Custom solutions require a specialist set of experts to ensure that every venturi product designed, be it an eductor, ejector, instantaneous heater or desuperheater, not only meets, but exceeds, all of your specific requirements as well as those of all necessary local and international rules and regulations. To achieve this Bamford & Morris only work with true experts in their field to ensure that we can offer a full range of modelling, simulation, verification, product development, manufacturing, inspection and testing services., valves, actuators, skid,  skid systems,  technical valve services, ac valves & controls ltd, the valve alliance, air torque UK ltd, valve & pipework systems ltd
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... and dedicated customer service

To provide a custom solution means not only understanding your applications, and working with you to define the specifications, but responding to your enquiries and changes in requirements quickly and efficiently to ensure that your projects stay on target, on time and on budget. 

Bamford & Morris are not just a supplier but a partner ensuring that the products we design are exactly what you need, delivered when you need and where you need them.