Custom Eductor Solutions for Liquids & Chemicals

Bamford & Morris can provide a range of custom designed and manufactured eductors for applications involving liquids and chemicals. With no moving parts and minimal maintenance requirements they are ideal for fit and forget applications in hazardous and difficult areas.

Equally they require no external power and have no on going operating costs.

Eductors for Liquids

A liquid eductor is one which is designed for pumping relatively clean liquids with a minimal of solid or gaseous content.

  • For pumping and mixing applications instead of or as well as a mechanical device with suction lifts / vacuums of up to -7.5 mh water gauge achievable at the suction inlet.

  • Can be used for any Newtonian liquid with fluid viscosities up to 100 Cp and fluid densities up to 2,000 kg/m3.

Eductors for Chemicals

Chemical eductors are simply those which are manufactured from materials which will resist the chemical being transported. Such as HDPE, CPVC, UPVC, PTFE & Polypropylene.

  • For use with corrosive fluids.

  • For use in the water and waste water treatment, agricultural and processing industries, or any other chemical dosing applications.

  • Light weight construction makes them ideal for portable and temporary applications.

Lined Chemical Eductors

Lined Chemical Eductors are PTFE / PFA lined eductor for more aggressive chemical applications

  • The replaceable nozzles & throats prolong eductor life and allow for future changes in operating duty.

  • Coated carbon steel or stainless steel bodies for installation in harsher, more demanding environments.