Custom Eductor Solutions for Slurries & Solids

Bamford & Morris can provide a range of custom designed and manufactured eductors for applications involving pumping & transporting slurries, fluidised solids and dry solids such as sand, minerals, drilling mud, ion exchange resins, GAC, and lime.

With no moving parts they have minimal maintenance requirements. With the option to be supplied with a ceramic nozzle and throat they have a long operational life even under the harshest operating conditions.

Eductors for Slurries

  • Operate on the same principles as a liquid eductor but require a higher motive pressure to accommodate the solids content in the suction fluid.

  • Designed for pumping and mixing of highly erosive fluidised slurries where mechanical devices would be considered unsuitable or uneconomical.

  • Replaceable nozzle and throat with ceramic lining / coating for high wear areas prolongs the operational life of the eductor as a whole.

  • Near fit and forget minimal maintenance required so can be installed in difficult to reach areas.

Eductors for Solids

  • Are designed for pumping & transporting granular or pelletised solid content, such as GAC, or mixing powdered solids such a lime, anthracite, salt, whey and other food stuffs.

  • Addition of a hopper and washdown system to a slurry eductor allows dry solid content to be added to the eductor quickly and efficiently via automated or manual methods.

  • Transfer rate dependent on available motive conditions, the counter pressure to over overcome, the particle size and bulk density of the solids to be transported.

  • Can be supplied mounted into a skid for ease of transport or for connection to existing processing systems.