An Eductor is a device which uses a higher pressure motive liquid to entrain a lower pressure suction liquid and discharges this against a known discharge (counter) pressure. With no moving parts and minimal maintenance requirements they are ideal for fit and forget applications and installation in hazardous and difficult areas. Equally they require no external power and have no on going operating costs. This makes an eductor very cost effective compared to other pumping and mixing solutions.

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Eductor for Liquids

Eductors for Liquids

  • For pumping and mixing  applications instead of or as well as a mechanical device.
  • Can be used for any clean Newtonian liquid with minimal particulate or gaseous contamination.
  • Fluid viscosities up to 100 Cp and fluid densities up to 2 specific gravities.
  • Suction lifts up to 7.5 mh water gauge dependent on fluid properties, pressures and flowrates.
  • Fluid temperatures up to 90 degC dependent on the suction pressure.
  • Manufactured in sizes from 1" nb to 32" nb.

Eductor for Slurries
Eductor for Slurries

Eductors for Slurries

  • Designed for pumping and mixing of highly erosive fluidised slurries where mechanical devices would be considered unsuitable or uneconomical.
  • Example slurries include sand, minerals, drilling mud, ion exchange resins, GAC, and lime.   
  • Replaceable nozzle and throat with ceramic lining / coating for high wear areas prolongs the operational life of the eductor as a whole.
  • Near fit and forget minimal maintenance required so can be installed in difficult to reach areas..

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Eductor for Solids

Eductors for Solids

  • Are designed for transporting granular or pelletised solid content such as GAC and PAC or mixing powdered solids such a lime or anthracite.
  • Addition of a hopper and washdown system to a slurry eductor allows solid content to be added to the eductor quickly and efficiently via automated or manual methods.
  • Transfer rate and type of solids to be transported dependent on motive conditions, counter pressure and internal eductor geometry.
  • Can be supplied mounted into a skid for ease of transport, use or connection to existing systems.

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Eductor for Chemicals

Eductors for Chemicals

  • For use with corrosive fluids.
  • Manufactured in a variety of plastic type materials: HDPE, PolyProp, PTFE, CPVC, UPVC.
  • For use in the water and waste water treatment,  agricultural and processing industries, or any other chemical dosing applications.
  • Manufactured in sizes from 1/2" nb to 32" nb.
  • Lighter weight makes them ideal for portable and temporary applications.

Lined Eductor
Lined Eductor

Lined Eductors

  • PTFE lined eductor for more aggressive chemical applications.
  • Coated carbon steel or stainless steel bodies for installation in harsher, more demanding environments.
  • Replaceable nozzle and throat prolongs eductor life and allows for future changes in operating duty. 
  • Available is sizes 3"nb to 12"nb.

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Liquid Jet Gas Eductor

Liquid Jet Gas Eductors

  • Are a device which uses a high pressure liquid, such as water, as a motive force to entrain a lower pressure gaseous fluid, normally air.
  • Examples of use include vessel evacuation and priming operations as well as IGF (induced gas flotation) and aeration applications for water treatment purposes.
  • A replaceable nozzle increases the lifetime of the eductor as a whole and, if required, allows the operating characteristics of the eductor to be changed.
  • Outlet orifices can be designed to reduce bubble size and  increase spread / dispersion.  

Mixing Eductor
Mixing Eductor

Mixing Eductors

  • Designed for installation in a tank with open suction and discharge ports.
  • Using a higher pressure motive fluid they draw in liquid from and discharge back into the tank in which they are situated at a ratio of 3:1 of suction to motive fluid.
  • Useful for providing homogeneous mixing of liquids as well as agitation to prevent settlement of solids.
  • Multiple eductors can be installed in a tank to provide complete coverage.

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Marine Eductor

Marine Eductors 

  • Designed to the same principles as a standard eductor for pumping and mixing  applications. 
  • Manufactured from materials suitable for use in a marine environment; Gunmetal, Aluminium Bronze, CuNifer, Monel, Duplex Stainless Steel etc.
  • Can be supplied as either a casting or a fabrication.
  • Can be designed for fixed installations or portable use with flanged or threaded connections.
  • Also known as Bilge Eductors, Ballast Eductors or  Stripping Eductors.