Some of the industries and applications that the products which we design can be used in and for are outlined below.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

  • Eductors and Ejectors for both offshore and onshore applications. 
  • Flare recovery, production boosting, water treatement, IGF vessels, hydrocyclone and sand removal from well heads.
  • Ideal for topside, subsea, on shore and offshore installation. 
  • Common materials include Stainless Steel, Duplex, SuperDuplex, Inconel and Hasteloy. Ceramic internals can be specified for high wear applications.



  • No moving parts and no electromechanical components eductors are ideal for pumping and transporting dangerous and flammable liquids.
  • For example diesel, petroleum and fuel oils   in hazardous (ATEX) areas as well as high pressure LNG and LPG. 
  • Ejectors are commonly used to create vacuums or evacuate vessels prior to start up, in distillation columns or to remove vapours from  production processes.   

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Water and Waste

  • For all aspects of clean water, waste water and produced water treatment and processing.
  • Example applications include: Pumping duties, GAC and PAC removal from filtration beds and ion exchangers.
  • Chemical dosing, additive mixing, dilution, 
  • Water aeration, dissolved air flotation and gas entrainment.
  • Agitation and homogeneous mixing of fluids in tanks and vessels.

Chemical Industries


  • For pumping, mixing and dosing highly corrosive chemicals in a  large variety of industries. 
  • Single and multi stage ejectors for creating and maintaining vacuums required in the complex chemical production processes. 
  • Light weight portable eductors are suitable for on site application of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides in the agricultural industries as well as in the production urea.
  •  Tank mixing eductors can mix and blend chemicals to provide uniform temperature and pH levels as well as preventing the settling of solid content.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink 

  • Manufactured from high grade stainless steel and electropolished, eductors are ideal for CIP pumping and mixing operations.  
  • Be it in a brewery, food processing, edible oils or handling food production waste products. 
  • Instantaneous Steam heaters can heat products inline and in-tank mixing eductors can uniformly heat and mix products in vessels.

Nuclear (Fit and Forget) Applications

Nuclear (Fit and Forget)

  • Eductors have no moving parts, minimal maintenance, do not need any form of power supply, are self priming and can handle solid content as well as clean liquids.
  •  This makes them ideal for fit and forget operations in difficult to access or hazardous areas.
  • For example pumping radioactive liquids and slurries within nuclear power stations and nuclear waste processing sites.

Power Generation

Power Generation

  • Steam Ejectors and Thermocompressors are used throughout the power generation industries.
  • For use with steam turbines creating system vacuums using start up ejectors, hogging ejectors and main ejectors as well as saving energy and optimising heat recovery by recycling and compressing low pressure steam and gases for reuse.
  • Further applications can be found in the rapidly expanding renewables  and bio energy industries.

Marine and Shipping

Marine & Shipping

  • Used extensively in ship building and  operation either as a fixed installation or as portable units. 
  • Being self priming and having minimal maintenance requirements they can  be installed as fit and forget devices. 
  • For example as bilge pumps, ballast pumps, stripping ejectors or as part of fire suppression systems and pump priming operations.  

The above list of industries is by no means exhaustive as our custom venturi products can be used wherever there is a requirement for pumping and the mixing of liquids, solids and slurries as well as the mixing of fluids and gases, the compression of steam and / or gases as well as priming, evacuation, creating and maintaining a vacuum. They can be designed for a new installation or retrofitted as part of maintenance, refurbishment or upgrade works. 

Whatever the industry or application if there is a pipeline and a fluid a custom venturi product may well be the low maintenance, low cost, highly effective solution that you are looking for.