Eductors can be used to lift fluids and fluidised slurries from bunds, pits, tanks, bilges, well heads, treatment tanks and any other vessel you can think of. A lifting application is simply one where the suction fluid is predominantly lifted by the vacuum created at the suction inlet of the eductor and discharged against a minimal pressure head.

Eductor, Jet Pump, Bund Pump, Bilge Pump, Tank Pump, Dewatering Eductor, Slurry Eductor, Ceramic Eductor,

  • The eductor is mounted above the suction fluid.

  • A maximum of 7.5 metres lift for fluids at SG1.

  • A greater SG will decrease the maximum possible lift.


  • The fluid must be 20 degree C. less than its boiling point at the minimum suction point. For example water lifted 7 metres must be 50 degree C. or less to prevent flashing.

  • Aim to install 5 to 10 pipe diameters away from any obstructions / bends / valves etc