Custom Eductor Solutions for Mixing Fluids & Slurries

Bamford & Morris can custom design and manufacture eductors for applications involving in tank mixing of liquids, chemicals and slurries as well as providing agitation to prevent the settlement or stratification of suspended solid content.

With no moving parts, minimal maintenance and no external power requirements they are ideal for mixing clean liquids, corrosive chemicals and erosive slurries in safe and hazardous areas.

Mixing Eductors

  • Designed to be installed in a tank or vessel with open suction and discharge ports to mix and entrain the surrounding fluid.

  • Using a higher pressure motive fluid they draw in liquid from and discharge back into the tank in which they are situated at a ratio of 3:1 of suction to motive fluid.

  • If installed correctly they can generate non rotational homogeneous mixing of liquids. Alternatively they can be installed to create turbulence and agitation to prevent settlement of solids.

  • As many eductors as required can be installed in a tank to provide complete coverage.

  • Usual size of manufacture ranges from 1/2" nb to 4" nb but sizes up to 12"nb are available.