Our partners are the companies that we work with to ensure that the custom venturi products that we design and that you purchase are manufactured, inspected, tested and delivered to the highest possible standards, at the best possible price and delivered in the quickest possible time. Each of these companies is an expert in their chosen field and you can find out more about them and what else they might be able to do for you below.

Valve & Pipework Systems Ltd, AC Valve Alliance, Skid, Skids, Skid System, Valves, Actuators

Valve & Pipework Systems Ltd

Part of the AC Valve Alliance, Valve & Pipework Systems Ltd are our primary contractor for the manufacturing and testing of all our venturi products. Just like Bamford & Morris they specialise in the specialist, and service all the same niche industries. Working with Valve & Pipework Systems Ltd means that Bamford & Morris can also supply complete skid mounted venturi product packages as well as stand alone products. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Valve & Pipework Systems Ltd, AC Valve Alliance, Skid, Skids, Skid System, Valves, Actuators, Offshore, Water, Water Treatment

AC Valve Alliance

Formed in 1996 the AC Valve Alliance is made up of six companies and are a specialist supplier of valves and actuators to the Petrochemical, Energy and general process industries. Working with Valve & Pipework Systems Ltd gives Bamford & Morris access to the full range of  AC Valve Alliance's  valves, actuators and 20 years of industry experience meaning we can supply complete flow control packages if required.  ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Wilde Analysis Ltd Stockport

Wilde Analysis Ltd

Founded in 1980 Wilde Analysis is our primary partner for all things CFD and FEA related. They support us with performance prediction, fluid and blast load calculations and structural design validation, in addition to advanced fluid & manufacturing simulation and safety and reliability engineering capabilities. Wilde has a robust ISO 9001 approved quality management system and is a certified partner of ANSYS and Autodesk.  

Ventx Industrial Silencers Hertfordshire

VENTX Industrial Silencers

With over 40 years of experience Ventx are our chosen partner to supply silencers for use with our Thermocompressors and Ejectors. Silencers are available in Carbon, Stainless and Duplex Steels as well as Cunifer materials. All manufacturing is covered by robust quality standards ensuring that Ventx offer the custom built silencers that match perfectly with our custom built venturi products.

CRP Corrosion Resistant Products Littleborough

CRP (Corrosion Resistant Products)

CRP have been supplying a range of corrosion resistant products since 1983 and are our primary partner for supplying the PTFE / PFA lined components and materials required for our range of Lined Eductors for use with corrosive fluids. All manufacturing and design activities are ISO 9001 certified as well as conforming to PED module H.