The custom venturi products that we design and manufacture can be broadly classified as belonging to one of the following four product types: Eductors, Ejectors, Heaters and Desuperheaters. However we have a broad range of experience founded over 15 years of designing venturi devices therefore if none of the 'standard' product types meet your requirements please don't hesitate to contact us.

Eductor, Fluid Jet, Liquid Jet, Jet Pump
Eductor for Liquids
Slurry Eductor, Solids Eductor, Ceramic Eductor
Eductor for Slurries
Solids Eductor, GAC Eductor, Powder Eductor, Pellet Eductor, Solids Handling Eductor
Eductor for Soilds
Chemical Eductor, Chemical Dosing
Chemical Eductor


Eductors are devices which are mainly used to pump and mix liquids using another high pressure liquid. They have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free. 

Eductors come in many types and forms for different applications and are known by many different names such as the Jet Pump, the Fluid Jet Pump, the Steam Jet Syphon, the Liquid Jet Gas Eductor, Liquid Jet Exhausters, Mixing Eductors and Inductors for example.

For information on the types of Eductors that we design and supply please click on the link below.

Liquid Jet Gas Eductor, Aeration Eductor, Priming Eductor, Evacuating Eductor, Exhauster
Liquid Jet Gas Eductor
Gas Ejector, Steam Ejector, Thermocompressor, Vacuum Ejector, Priming Ejectorm Hogging Ejector


Ejectors use gaseous fluids, such as steam or air, to pump and compress a secondary gas. Applications include evacuating vessels, creating process vacuums, priming systems and recovery of waste gases / steam as well as  dilute phase pneumatic conveyance.  

Ejectors also go by a variety of names dependent on the function they are intended for and who manufactures them. Some examples include Gas Ejectors, Vacuum Ejectors, Air Jet Vacuum Ejectors, Priming Ejector, Exhausters and Thermocompressors. 

For further information  please click on the link below.

Jacketed Ejector, Steam Jacket
Jacketed Ejector
Thermocompressor, Steam Ejector


Instantaneous Heaters use steam to heat a fluid 'instantaneously' as it passes through a pipeline. Any Newtonian fluid can be heated for a large range of applications.  

For information on the types of Heaters available, how they work and what they do click on the link below.



Desuperheaters are used to reduce the temperature of superheated steam to near saturation temperatures.  As with other venturi devices they are virtually maintenance free.

For more information on how they work and what they can do click on the link below.

Pneumatic Conveyance, Dilute Phase Conveyor
Pneumatic Conveyance
Mixing Eductor, Tank Mixer, Tank Agitator
Mixing Eductor
Instantaneous Heater, Steam Heater, Inline Heater, Inline Steam Heater
Instantaneous Heater
Spray type Desuperheater, Desuperheating