Eductors can be used to pump fluids and fluidised slurries from bunds, pits, tanks, bilges and vessels. A pumping application is one where the eductor is installed as near as possible to the suction fluid and the required 'lift' is achieved by the discharge head.

Water Pump, Inductor, Eductor, Jet Pump, Bund Pump, Bilge Pump, Tank Pump, Dewatering Eductor,

  • The eductor is mounted as close to the suction fluid as possible or submerged.

  • The height to be pumped is only limited by the available motive pressure and flowrate.

  • A greater suction fluid SG will decrease the maximum possible discharge height.


  • The fluid must be 80 degree C.  or less to avoid flashing & cavitation.

  • All pipework must be air tight to avoid entrainment and loss of performance.

  • To achieve a stable flow profile aim to install 5 to 10 pipe diameters away from any obstructions / bends / valves etc