Vacuum & Compression

Ejectors and Thermocompressors, like the Liquid Jet Gas Eductors can be used to create vacuums. These are known as Vacuum Ejectors or sometimes, incorrectly, Vacuum Eductors. Unlike a Liquid Eductor, Vacuum Ejectors and Thermocompressors having a gaseous motive can be installed in series to create even greater vacuums as well as being able to recover the suction gas and compress this to higher pressures. An ejector which recovers low pressure gases is known as a Booster Ejector and commonly used in waste gas recovery applications.

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  • Up to five (5) ejectors can be installed in series to create vacuums up to 0.1 mm Hg

  • If steam is used as a motive fluid then an  intercondenser will need to be installed in-between each stage.

  • Inter-condensers 'knock out' the condensable gases to minimise the load on the ejector system.


  • Steam jackets should be incorporated at pressures less than 5 mm Hg to prevent formation of ice within the ejector.

  • Thermocompressors & Ejectors can be designed with a variable area motive nozzle which when incorporated with an actuator allows optimal operation across a range of conditions.