Custom Vacuum Ejector Solutions

An ejector use steam or gas as a motive medium rather than a liquid to entrain and compress a secondary lower pressure steam, gas or vapour. They can be used anywhere a vacuum is required, a vessel needs priming, a flue gas needs exhausting or a low pressure waste gas needs compressing / boosting to a higher more usable pressure.

As a rule an ejector operates at sonic conditions with Bamford & Morris Ejectors designed and manufacturered to HEI standards and the two choke principle.

Steam & Vacuum Ejectors

  • Mainly used for creating vacuums, evacuating vessels and boosting applications

  • Use high pressure steam or air to entrain a secondary low pressure, sub atmospheric, gaseous fluid and by using a series of ejectors suction pressures of 0.1mm Hg abs can be achieved.

  • More common suction gases are air and nitrogen but they can be designed for any ideal gas as long as the molecular weight, pressure and temperature are known.

  • For high vacuum applications which generate low temperatures heated steam jackets can be incorporated into the design.