Custom Pneumatic Conveying Solutions

Nearly any solid in either particulate, pellet, granular or powdered form can be conveyed using compressed air. Bamford & Morris custom design, manufacture & supply eductors and ejectors for use as venturi feed devices for transporting solids in a dilute phase pneumatic conveying system.

Every venturi device is custom designed to your specific requirements.

Pneumatic Conveyance

  • Ejectors designed for dilute phase pneumatic conveyance are different from normal ejectors in that they primarily operate at sub critical velocities.

  • Designed for transporting powders, pellets and solids in a low pressure, high velocity air flow typically in the range of 15 -30 m/s through pipework up to 100 metres in length.

  • The motive air requirements, pressure and flowrate, are dependent on the load to be conveyed and the conveying distance. Smaller loads and shorter applications are ideal for use with low pressure blowers rather than compressors.

  • High wear areas such as the nozzle and throat can be supplied in case hardened materials or with ceramic nozzle and throat sections to increase operational life.