Custom Gas Venting & Recovery Solutions

Air & gas ejectors, as the name implies, use air or gas as a motive medium rather than a liquid to entrain and compress a secondary lower pressure gas. They can be used anywhere a vacuum is required, a vessel needs priming, flue gas needs exhausting or a low pressure waste gas needs recovering and compressing to a higher more usable pressure.

Air & Gas Ejectors

  • Air & gas ejectors operate on the same basic design principles as a steam ejector but are designed to operate for any ideal gas.

  • As long as the molecular weight, temperature and pressure for both the motive and suction gases are known an ejector can be designed for use with any combination of 'ideal' gases.

  • Resistant to corrosive fluids and can cope with contamination by liquids and solids.

  • A major use is for the recovery of waste gases, rather than venting to the environment, but they can equally be used in any process which requires a vacuum to be created and maintained where steam is unavailable or is impractical.

  • Can be manufactured in any size from 3/4" nb upwards in any commercially available material.