Custom Eductor Solutions for Pumping Gases

Bamford & Morris Ltd can design and manufacture a range of custom liquid jet gas eductors to suit your specific application requirements. Liquid jet gas eductors use a motive liquid to create vacuums, evacuate vessels or entrain and pump gases.

With no moving parts and no power requirements they are ideal for remote installation or for handling hazardous and flammable gases as well as inert, safer gases.

Liquid Jet Gas Eductors

  • Are a device which uses a high pressure liquid, such as water, as a motive force to entrain and pump a lower pressure gaseous fluid, such as air. They can be designed for use with any Newtonian fluid and any ideal gas.

  • Can be designed for use with any 'ideal' gas as long as the gas mol.wt, temperature and pressure are known.

  • Standard design models allow for a pressure differential between the liquid motive fluid and the gaseous suction fluid, the expansion ratio, of 14 bar.

  • Due to the inefficiencies of using a liquid to entrain a gaseous fluid the compression ratio, the difference between the suction and discharge pressure, is limited to 1.5 bar.

  • Examples of use include vessel evacuation, priming and venting operations as well as IGF (induced gas flotation), DAF (dissolved air flotation) and more general aeration applications for water treatment purposes.

  • A replaceable nozzle increases the lifetime of the eductor as a whole and, if required, allows the operating characteristics of the eductor to be changed.

  • For IGF / DAF type applications the outlet orifices can be designed to reduce bubble size and increase spread / dispersion to maximise contact between the gas and liquid.

  • They can be manufactured in sizes from 1/2"nb to 24" nb from any commercially available material suitable for the specific application requirements.