Custom Inline & Vent Ejector Silencers

During operation the compression and expansion of gaseous fluids within an Ejector not only loses energy as heat but noise as well. Depending on the specific application, the volume of gas and the pressures involved, the noise generated can exceed the Health and Safety at work limit of 85 dB at 1 metre.

An Ejector can emit noise in any or all of the following ways:

  • Through the body

  • Through the suction inlet

  • Through the discharge outlet

There are two main ways in which the generated noise propagating via one of the above methods can be reduced to within safe limits:

Acoustic Insulation

Noise emitted through the body is suppressed using acoustic insulation. In our experience it is best to consider the Ejector as part of the pipeline system as a whole when acoustic insulation is to be applied. Because of this we do not supply acoustically insulated Ejectors as stand alone items.

If you require acoustic insulation then companies such as Armacell would be able to offer advice on the correct acoustic insulation to choose for your specific application and installation requirements.

Inline or Vent Silencer

With regards noise being emitted through either the suction or discharge pipelines this can be suppressed using an inline silencer installed as close to the Ejector as possible or a vent silencer if the ejector is discharging to atmosphere.

Bamford & Morris work closely with VENTX Ltd to calculate the level of noise an Ejector is likely to generate for any given application and then design and supply a suitable silencer to reduce this to below the 85dB at 1 metre requirement.

Silencers can be supplied as loose items along with the Ejector or they can be supplied as part of a package along with valves and actuators to make a complete Ejector or Vacuum Ejector Skid System.