Custom Steam Recovery Solutions

For applications which involving pumping, compressing or recovering waste and flash steam Bamford & Morris can design and manufacture a custom Thermocompressor to suit your application specific requirements.

Thermocompressors are a type of steam ejector designed specifically for compressing / boosting low pressure steam using a high pressure motive steam.


  • Are a specific type of steam ejector which has steam as a motive and suction fluid. They are primarily designed for boosting & recycling low pressure waste steam.

  • Up to 10:1 compression ratios from suction to discharge pressure are achievable with a single Thermocompressor. A greater level of compression can be achieved by installing multiple Thermocompressors in series.

  • As standard Thermocompressors have a fixed internal geometry and therefore are optimised for a specific fixed operating duty. However coupled with an actuator and spindle this creates a variable area nozzle which allows the internal geometry to be altered and therefore performance across a range of operating duties is possible.

  • Alternatively a range of operation can be achieved by installing varying sizes of Thermcompressor in parallel so that they can be turned on / off according to loading requirements.

  • With minimal maintenance, high reliability and a low overall cost they are ideal for many applications in a variety of industries.